Voting guide for state employees

IMPORTANT: Early voting for the Aug. 2nd state primary occurs from Friday, July 13 – Saturday, July 28.

Thursday, August 2 is Primary Election day. Aug. 2nd is also the last day to cast a vote in the primary election.

Electing candidates who support state employees is the best way to ensure your rights and benefits remain protected.

It is critical that you and your Power of 10 (family and friends) vote in the primary election for candidates who support state employees.

Below are candidates running for office who support state employees and have received the endorsement of our political action committee, TEAM-PAC.

2018 TEAM-PAC Gubernatorial Endorsements for State Primary:

Craig Fitzhugh
He is the only Democratic candidate for governor who:
* Has a proven track record of support for state employees.
* Introduced legislation to the general assembly to halt the practice of outsourcing.
* Has committed, if elected governor, to be a vocal advocate for state employees.
* Has an intimate knowledge of and understands the current issues facing Tennessee state employees.
* Is praised by legislators on both sides of the aisle about his ability to build consensus.
* Received the endorsement of state employees.

Beth Harwell
She is the only GOP candidate for governor who:
* Has a proven track record of support for state employees.
* Has committed not to pursue the privatization of our state parks.
* Has committed to “hit the pause button on outsourcing.”
* Presided over a Tennessee House of Representatives who approved and signed state budgets which included raises for state employees in 6 of the last eight years, an effort she has promised to continue as governor.
* Recently used her seat on building commission to address concerns about state employees displaced through state park inn construction.
* If elected Governor, understands how to work with the Tennessee General Assembly and can hit the ground running.
* Received the endorsement of State Employees.

To view our 2018 TEAM-PAC Legislative Endorsements for the State Primary election, click here.

Review your Sample Ballot
It is always a good idea to review the ballot for your area before you vote. To view the sample ballot in your area, visit this link:

Once at the site, select your county and follow the instructions under “upcoming elections.”

Final Word
Do not let this primary election pass without voting. Early voting is Friday, July 13 – Saturday, July 28. The Primary Election Day is Thursday, August 2nd. State employees simply cannot afford to sit this primary election out.

There are 42,000+ State Employees and 25,000+ Higher Ed. Employees in Tennessee. When we show up to vote in the state primaries, and with our Power of 10 (friends & families), imagine the impact we will make!

Recent polling numbers show that state employee votes can make a significant difference in this primary election, but only if YOU vote. Early voting starts tomorrow. Let’s show up!