TSEA congratulates Governor-Elect Bill Lee on his victorious run for Governor of Tennessee. Read our full statement below from TSEA Executive Director Randy Stamps:

“Congratulations to Governor-Elect Bill Lee on his victory in the race for Governor of Tennessee. We are encouraged by the character Mr. Lee displayed on the campaign trail, and we anticipate a positive relationship with his administration. Tennessee’s hard-working, dedicated state employees are one of our state’s most valuable resources, and we look forward to working together with Governor Lee on the important issues facing our state workers.” – Randy Stamps, TSEA Executive Director

NOTE: TEAM-PAC made no endorsement in the November race for Governor.

To view complete (unofficial) election results from the Nov. 6, 2018 General Election, click here.

2018 Legislative Endorsements (General Election)

* Indicates endorsed candidate won their district in the Nov. 6, 2018 General Election.

Senate Endorsements 

*SD1 Steve Southerland – R
*SD3 Rusty Crowe – R
*SD5 Lt. Gov. Randy McNally – R
*SD7 Richard Briggs – R
*SD9 Mike Bell – R
*SD11 Bo Watson – R
*SD13 Dawn White – R
*SD15 Paul Bailey – R
*SD17 Mark Pody – R
*SD19 Brenda Gilmore – D
*SD21 Jeff Yarbro – D
*SD25 Kerry Roberts – R
*SD27 Ed Jackson – R
*SD29 Raumesh Akbari – R
*SD31 Brian Kelsey – R

House Endorsements

*HD1 John Crawford – R
*HD3 Timothy Hill – R 
*HD5 David Hawk – R 
*HD6 James (Micah) Van Huss  – R 
*HD7 Matthew Hill – R
*HD8 Jerome Moon – R
*HD9 Gary Hicks – R
*HD10 Mark Eldridge – R
*HD11 Jeremy Faison – R
*HD12 Dale Carr – R
HD13 Eddie Smith – R 
*HD14 Jason Zachary – R
*HD15 Rick Staples – D
*HD16 Bill Dunn – R
*HD17 Andrew Farmer – R 
*HD18 Martin Daniel – R
*HD19 Dave Wright – R
*HD20 Bob Ramsey – R
*HD21 Lowell Russell – R
*HD22 Dan Howell – R 
*HD24 Mark Hall – R
*HD26 Robin Smith – R
*HD27 Patsy Hazlewood – R
*HD29 Mike Carter – R
*HD31 Ron Travis – R
*HD32 Kent Calfee – R 
*HD33 John Ragan – R
*HD34 Tim Rudd – R
*HD35 Jerry Sexton – R
*HD36 Dennis Powers – R
*HD37 Charlie Baum – R
*HD38 Kelly Keisling – R
*HD40 Terri Lynn Weaver – R
*HD41 John Mark Windle – D
*HD43 Paul Sherrell – R
*HD45 Johnny Garrett – R
*HD46 Clark Boyd – R
*HD48 Bryan Terry – R
*HD49 Mike Sparks – R
*HD50 Bo Mitchell – D
*HD51 Bill Beck – D
*HD52 Mike Stewart – D
*HD53 Jason Powell – D
*HD55 John Ray Clemmons – D
*HD56 Bob Freeman – D
*HD57 Susan Lynn – R
*HD58 Harold M. Love, Jr. – D
*HD60 Darren Jernigan – D
*HD62 Pat Marsh – R
*HD63 Glen Casada – R
HD64 A. J. Holmes – D
*HD65 Sam Whitson – R
*HD66 Sabi ‘Doc’ Kumar – R
*HD68 Curtis G. Johnson – R
*HD69 Michael G. Curcio – R
*HD71 David Byrd – R
*HD73 Chris Todd – R 
*HD76 Andy H. Holt – R
*HD77 Bill Sanderson – R
*HD78 Mary Littleton – R
*HD79 Curtis Halford – R
*HD80 Johnny Shaw – D
*HD81 Debra Moody – R
*HD84 Joe Towns, Jr. – D
*HD86 Barbara Cooper – D
*HD87 Karen D. Camper – D
*HD88 Larry J. Miller – D
*HD90  John J. DeBerry, Jr – D
*HD91 London Lamar – D
*HD92 Rick Tillis – R
*HD93 G. A. Hardaway – D
*HD94 Ron M. Gant – R
*HD95 Kevin Vaughan – R
*HD96 Dwayne Thompson – D
*HD97 Jim Coley – R
*HD98 Antonio Parkinson – D
*HD99 Tom Leatherwood – R

August 2, 2018, Unofficial Primary Election results

To view all unofficial Primary Election results, please follow this link: https://elections.tn.gov/results.php


If you have any questions about the endorsement process, please call Paul Overholser at the TSEA office 615-256-4533 or, you can reach Paul by email at paul.overholser@tseaonline.org.