TEAM-PAC endorsed candidates win big!

Thanks to an incredible turnout and effort by state employees and their power of 10 during the Nov. 3, 2020 state general election, 97 percent of our state employee endorsed candidates are headed to Nashville to serve as members of the Tennessee General Assembly!

Thank you for your commitment to our endorsed candidates. Association members knocked on doors, made phone calls, placed yard signs, and volunteered in other ways for our endorsed candidates. You also made contributions to our candidates through our PAC. The relationships that have continued to be developed and some newly created relationships will reap great benefits for all state employees in the years ahead.

Below is the list of endorsed candidates who won their election on Nov. 3, 2020:




2 Art Swann (R)

4 Jon Lundberg (R)

6 Becky Duncan Massey (R)

8 Frank Niceley (R)

10 Todd Gardenhire (R)

12 Ken Yager (R)

14 Shane Reeves (R)

16 Janice Bowling (R)

18 Ferrell Haile (R)

22 Bill Powers (R)

24 John Stevens (R)

26 Page Walley (R)

28 Joey Hensley (R)

30 Sara Kyle (D)

32 Paul Rose (R)




1 John Crawford (R)

2 Bud Hulsey (R)

3 Scotty Campbell (R)

4 John Holsclaw, Jr. (R)

5 David Hawk (R)

8 Jerome Moon (R)

9 Gary Hicks (R)

10 Rick Eldridge (R)

11 Jeremy Faison (R)

12 Dale Carr (R)

13 Gloria Johnson (D)

14 Jason Zachary (R)

15 Sam McKenzie (D)

16 Michele Carringer (R)

17 Andrew Farmer (R)

18 Eddie Mannis (R)

19 Dave Wright (R)

20 Bob Ramsey (R)

21 Lowell Russell (R)

22 Dan Howell (R)

23 Mark Cochran (R)

24 Mark Hall (R)

25 Cameron Sexton (R)

26 Robin Smith (R)

27 Patsy Hazlewood (R)

28 Yusuf Hakeem (D)

29 Mike Carter (R)

30 Esther Helton (R)

31 Ron Travis (R)

32 Kent Calfee (R)

33 John Ragan (R)

34 Tim Rudd (R)

35 Jerry Sexton (R)

36 Dennis Powers (R)

37 Charlie Baum (R)

38 Kelly Keisling (R)

39 Iris Rudder (R)

40 Terri Lynn Weaver (R)

41 John Mark Windle (D)

42 Ryan Williams (R)

43 Paul Sherrell (R)

44 William Lamberth (R)

45 Johnny Garrett (R)

46 Clark Boyd (R)

48 Bryan Terry (R)

49 Mike Sparks (R)

50 Bo Mitchell (D)

51 Bill Beck (D)

52 Mike Stewart (D)

53 Jason Powell (D)

54 Vincent Dixie (D)

55 John Ray Clemmons (D)

56 Bob Freeman (D)

57 Susan Lynn (R)

58 Harold Love (D)

59 Jason Potts (D)

60 Darren Jernigan (D)

61 Brandon Ogles (R)

62 Pat Marsh (R)

63 Glen Casada (R)

64 Scott Cepicky (R)

65 Sam Whitson (R)

66 Sabi ‘Doc’ Kumar (R)

67 Jason Hodges (D)

68 Curtis Johnson (R)

69 Michael G. Curcio (R)

70 Clay Doggett (R)

71 David Byrd (R)

72 Kirk Haston (R)

73 Chris Todd (R)

74 Jay Reedy (R)

75 Bruce Griffey (R)

76 Tandy Darby (R)

77 Rusty Grills (R)

78 Mary Littleton (R)

80 Johnny Shaw (D)

81 Debra Moody (R)

82 Chris Hurt (R)

83 Mark White (R)

84 Joe Towns, Jr. (D)

85 Jesse Chism (D)

86 Barbara Cooper (D)

87 Karen Camper (D)

88 Larry Miller (D)

91 London Lamar (D)

93 G. A. Hardaway, Sr. (D)

94 Ron Gant (R)

95 Kevin Vaughan (R)

96 Dwayne Thompson (D)

98 Antonio Parkinson (D)

99 Tom Leatherwood (R)

TEAM-PAC endorses candidates based on recommendations from state employee members at the chapter level. Our endorsement recommendations come from previous interviews between TSEA state employee members and the candidate, or a candidate’s voting record supporting state employee issues.

If you have any questions about the endorsement process, please call Terry Carroll at the TSEA office 615-256-4533 or you can reach Terry by email at